DBR Property Services offers our clients a qualified and discrete acquisitions service of sourcing, negotiating and purchasing prime assets Australia wide.

We currently facilitate in order of $100,000,000 of acquisitions and sales annually. Taking advantage of our knowledge base and extensive network, our clients are given the confidence and resources required to successfully grow their property portfolio. 

Our due diligence process is invaluable, providing access to vital current and historic sale, rental and property information. We compile this data and provide an extensive recommendation before committing to a transaction and incurring additional legal and other third party fees. 

We can provide a preliminary report and recommendation within 24 to 48 hours if required, giving our clients the advantage of having the facts quickly and concisely.

Following the satisfactory due diligence of a property, DBR Property Services will advise on the appropriate strategy to secure the best result and negotiate the terms of purchase.

We will manage the purchasing transaction from sourcing to negotiating, acquisition to settlement, including instructing and liaising with agents, tenants, trades, valuers, planners, solicitors and accountants.

Our services in this area include:
  • Sourcing properties
  • Off-market and pre-market opportunities
  • Unique investment opportunities
  • Lease reviews and advice
  • Latest market knowledge across all sectors
  • Access to an extensive network of agencies, developers and leading industry consultants
  • Attending and bidding at auctions
  • Effective negotiation and management of contract conditions
  • Fast and streamlined due diligence process
  • Confidentiality when enquiring about properties and submitting offers

We are focused on understanding our clients’ investment profile and what they desire their portfolio to achieve in the immediate and long term.

We source opportunities that arise through our wide network of funders, agents and developers, often presenting off-market and pre-market investments.

DBR Property Services works in conjunction with other consultants on your behalf and provides regular feedback and advice to make the process for the client as simple and effective as possible.